A native New Yorker, Neil has had a hand in writing and producing just about every iteration of spurn, the critically- and commercially-acclaimed sketch comedy series, since its debut in 2001. Other accomplishments include co-producing spurn Productions' first film project, a short entitled Mr. Unlucky, and making his directorial debut with Israel Horovitz's venerable "It's Called the Sugar Plum" in 2003 for the Etcetera Theatre Company.

Neil also produced an Off-Broadway musical, Genius Famous, written by spurn's own sound designer, Jason Atkinson, which premiered at the 2005 New York International Fringe Festival. He continues to work on a feature-length screenplay set during the fall of the Roman Empire (seriously).  Neil has collaborated over the years with folks as diverse as spurn’s own McIntyre and Paravonian, and several years ago helped kick start The Brooklyn Comedy Company with Elon James White and Baron Vaughn, both of whom have collectively moved on to great success, the bastards. Seriously, Elon’s ranting appears regularly at The Huffington Post and Salon, while Baron has done Jimmy Fallon and plays Leo on USA Networks’ “Fairly Legal”.  WTF?  Neil also endlessly bats around ideas for other film, television and publishing projects, and will one day find the time to write them all.  Maybe.

In late 2004, Neil married Richelle Rae Hart. In October 2006, Richelle gave birth to spurn's first official offspring, Chandra Marie Hart Trivedi, a name she will only hear in its entirety if she's in big, big trouble. Chandra has been used as a prop in several spurn video podcasts, with more to follow. More recently, in February 2010, her little brother, Stephen Gregg, aka “Brisket” and/or “Meatsleeves”, was brought kicking and screaming into the world. Based upon a year of managing two children, Neil and Richelle swear that they are officially done with offspring.  In fact, if there’s any outside interest, perhaps we can arrange a mutually beneficial financial arrangement to have you take one them off our hands.  You pick.

Neil Narendra Trivedi


Writer (2001 - Present)

Producer (2001 - Present)

Finally, in an effort to fulfill Western civilization's current insatiable fascination for useless "top" pop culture lists, please see below.


Neil’s top 5 favorite songs that prove he's cooler than you:

5. Sweet Jane - Velvet Underground, Loaded (1970)

4. Debaser - The Pixies, Doolittle (1989)

3. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division, Substance (1980)

2. White Riot - The Clash, The Clash (1977)

1. Search & Destroy - Iggy and the Stooges, Raw Power (1973)


Neil's top 5 favorite songs that prove the exact opposite:

5. Heart of Glass - Blondie, Parallel Lines (1978)

4. Karma Chameleon - Culture Club, Colour By Numbers (1983)

3. Anything by Coldplay

2. Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi, Slippery When Wet (1986)

1. Sister Christian - Night Ranger, Midnight Madness (1983)


Neil's top 5 worst movie scenes:

5. Jazz club dance - Spiderman 3 (2007)

4. Bear suit - The Wicker Man (2006)

3. "For a white man…" - Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)

2. Literally every scene – The Room (2003)

1. "No, it’s my heart" - Pearl Harbor (2001)


Neil's top 5 favorite comedy sketches of all time:

5. “The Little Donny Foundation” -or- “Time Machine” - Upright Citizen’s Brigade

4. "Trappers" - Kids in the Hall

3. “Hormones” - The State*

2. “Dead Parrot” -or- Life & Death Struggles (Pantomime Horses) - Monty Python’s Flying Circus

1. “Word Association” - Saturday Night Live


* Link is to the entire episode that the sketch "Hormones" appears in.


Neil's top 5 favorite spurn skits written by him:

5. Truth (2007)

4. Inside Date 54-40 (2007)

3. In Other News (2001)

2. Birth Control (2001)

1. Meeting People Is Easy (2001)


Neil's top 5 favorite spurn skits written by other, far superior writers:

5. Build a Better Mousetrap - Kim (2006)

4. Halfway Houston - Paravonian (2008)

3. Nascent Omniscient - McIntyre (2005) 

2. Guilty Parties - Klane (2007)

1. What You Want - Hemenway (2002)


Neil's top 5 best things ever invented by mankind:

5. Fire

4. Television

3. Swayze's Mullet - Road House (1989)

2. Written Language

1. Bacon / Sex (tie)**

** … or, actually, baconsex.  Yes, baconsex simply must be the best thing ever.  If someone knows what it is and where I can find some, please contact me posthaste.  It is truly a wonder I’ve gained roughly 40+ lbs. since spurn began.  Really, it is.

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