spurn original cast (2001-Present)

spurn writer (2004-Present)

spurn producer (2005-Present)


McIntyre, a classically trained NYU graduate and original spurn cast member, has worked on numerous independent films that you haven’t seen. He hasn’t seen some of them either.  For instance, he appeared in Brooklyn International FIlm Festival winner A Perfect Fit with Entourage’s Adrian Grenier and you haven’t seen that. Maybe you saw him as a winner on AMC’s Date Night or as part of a victorious couple on The Newlywed Game. No? Bugger. I dunno...maybe you heard him in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" or in commercials for the Food Network. Moving on...

In 2004, McIntyre produced the short film Mr. Unlucky with Neil Trivedi. This short was lensed by noted music video director Jarett Bellucci. He worked with Mr. Bellucci again when he produced The Motel in 2008.

McIntyre moved into producing spurn with the April, 2005 production of spurn and he spearheaded the filming and release of spurn’s series of shorts. These shorts have won more than 10 online awards and been viewed over 2 million times. spurn has been the featured comedy group on MySpace, Facebook, Sony’s Crackle and several others.

McIntyre has also produced various off-Broadway theatrical productions including Christopher Durang’s “The Nature and Purpose of the Universe” and Israel Horovitz’s “It’s Called the Sugar Plum.”

His screenplay Unabridged placed second in the prestigious New Century Writers Awards and had a staged reading in Summer 2004 as part of the Howl! Festival of East Village Arts. He was also a finalist for the coveted Chesterfield Fellowship.

As Director of Development for Anne Chaisson’s Dirty Rice Films, he assisted in the production of P.S. and Diggers.

He is currently working on several original screenplays and, along with Neil Turitz, developing several comic book and television projects.

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Ross A. McIntyre

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Writing ResuméRoss_A._McIntyre_files/Writing%20Resume%200311.pdf
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